Key to the success of any global project is a global outlook with local knowledge. As such, Dare has supported some of the world’s largest capital expense projects, coordinating activities in up to six countries at one time and ensuring people are where they’re needed.

The world is Dare’s oyster

Dare mobilises individuals and large project teams across the world. This includes all turnkey management requirements, like the facilitation of visas, payments of local taxes and insurances, as well as help with accommodation, utilities, car hire or project‑specific needs.

Your immigration, simplified

Wherever you are, we can assist with immigration. Our Australian office has a labour agreement in place with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, allowing Dare to issue Australian 457 visas for people with the required skills, qualifications and experience.

Further, Dare has a proven ability to manage internal employees’ global statutory obligations while they are abroad, without disrupting the host employer-employee relationship.

Global, with local savvy

Because Dare’s contractors are employed all over the world, we’ve got partnerships with local agencies and support offices everywhere; keeping your immigration processes astute, compliant, streamlined and stress-free. We also have critical on-the-ground knowledge.

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