Looking for experienced, compliant, and high-performing contractors for a project? Dare’s your expert. Across all major industries, we can provide the contract management you need.

People you can trust

One of the keys to our success (and a source of great pride to Dare) is our ability to attract and retain contractors who have consistently proven to be high performers. With Dare, you know you’re working with people you can rely on. Peace of mind is part of the deal.

Contractor solutions

Dare’s contractor rates can be customised to cover insurances and legal requirements on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Our managed time and technology solutions include:

  • Satellite communication
  • Time-and-attendance systems
  • Low-level satellite GPRS technology
  • Anywhere-access central processing
  • Basic fixed-access control systems
  • Secure cloud computing solutions

Compliance made easy

With Dare, onerous compliance administration is a thing of the past. We do all of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you, to ensure that your obligations (occupational safety and health, legislation, insurance, taxation or training) are met and your desired results achieved.

Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.
Dare to share the burden.